Dealing with Common Issues of Blocked Drains in Portsmouth

Drainage systems are essential in any building or property in Portsmouth as they effectively dispose of waste and ensure the smooth flow of wastewater and sewage. However, blocked drains are a common issue that can cause disruption and inconvenience. Therefore, it is essential to be equipped with the right knowledge about dealing with these common issues effectively.

The most common signs of blocked drains include foul odours, slow water drainage, gurgling sounds and in severe cases, flooding. It is essential to address these signs immediately to prevent further damage and the need for costly repairs. This article will discuss some of the most common issues of blocked drains in Portsmouth and how to deal with them.

1. Hair Accumulation: Hair is a common cause of blocked drains, especially in bathrooms and shower drains. One way to deal with hair blockages is to use a drain snake, or a long metal rod that you can push down the drain to clear the blockage. Alternatively, you can use a specialized drain cleaning solution available in most hardware stores. In the future, to prevent hair build-up, consider installing drain protectors.

2. Grease and Fat: Fat and grease from our dishes can solidify and block up the pipes in our kitchens. The easiest way to deal with this is by pouring boiling water down the sink. This will melt the grease and help clear the blockage. However, be careful not to pour boiling water into a porcelain sink as it could damage it. Instead, use a sink plunger. To prevent future blockages, avoid washing greasy pots and pans directly in the sink. Instead, wipe them with a paper towel before washing.

3. Foreign Objects: Items like soap, tissues, children’s toys, and other objects could accidentally end up in the drains, causing a blockage. A plunger can often deal with small blockages, but bigger items may require the services of a professional plumber.

4. Plant Roots: In outdoor drains, plant and tree roots can be a leading cause of blockages. They can interfere with your drain line as they grow in search of water. To solve this problem, you might need to hire professional drain cleaning services to cut and remove the roots.

5. Old Pipes: With time, drains become old and degraded, leading to blockages. This problem is more common in older houses in Portsmouth. If this is the reason behind your blocked drain, consider replacing the drains altogether.

6. blocked drains portsmouth Broken Pipes: Broken pipes can prevent the proper flow of waste, leading to a build-up and eventual blockage. This is a severe issue that will probably need the services of a professional plumber to fix.

In conclusion, while there are DIY solutions for dealing with blocked drains in Portsmouth, it is often safer and more efficient to seek professional help. They are armed with the necessary tools and expertise to handle severe plumbing issues. Regular maintenance and inspections by professionals can also be instrumental in preventing drain blockages, saving you time, money and inconvenience in the long run.