5 Easy Ways to Prevent Blocked Drains in Taunton Homes

Efficient plumbing is the backbone of modern homes, ensuring a hygienic living space. Homeowners often dread the thought of a blocked drain, which could spell disaster, from contaminating water supply to causing a foul odour. Despite being a common issue in Taunton, preventing blocked drains is easier than you may believe. Here are five simple ways to prevent drain blockage in your homes.

1. Watch What You Dispose Of in Your Drain:

A principal cause of drain blockages results from what goes down them. Make sure you discard used oil, fats and greases into a separate container because as soon as they come in contact with cold water, they solidify, leading to a clog. In the bathroom, avoid flushing non-degradable items like baby wipes or sanitary items. These simple steps can save you from potential drain issues.

2. Regular Cleaning:

Like every other component of your home, your drains also need regular cleaning. blocked drains taunton Utilize drain cleaning solutions that are safe and eco-friendly. For instance, a solution made from vinegar and baking soda can work wonders. Regularly pour this down your drain, followed by hot water to clear any possible blockages. This routine might save you a plumbing emergency in your Taunton home later.

3. Catch Hair Before It Enters The Drain:

Hair is one of the main culprits of drain blockage. To prevent this, install guards over your shower drains, which are designed to catch hair before it flows down. Empty these guards regularly to ensure they don’t overflow and defeat their purpose.

4. Use of Drain Screens:

Drain screens are another handy tool to prevent the accumulation of discarded food and other pieces that cause clogs. The screen’s design allows water to flow freely while holding back solids that could potentially cause blockages. Regular cleaning of these screens ensures more prolonged and smoother operational effectiveness.

5. Regular Professional Check-ups:

Lastly, even with all preventive measures, it’s beneficial to hire a professional plumber for an annual or bi-annual plumbing system check-up. These professionals can detect possible problems that you may have missed, and they can service the system to prevent future blockages. Regular professional check-ups can avert significant damages, saving homeowners excess costs in the long run.

In conclusion, as the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” By following the above easy steps, you, as a homeowner in Taunton, can effectively prevent blocked drains and maintain the functionality and health of your drainage system. Moreover, these preventive measures ensure that you get to nip the problem in the bud, eliminating the need for severe and costly repair work. Remember, a little effort goes a long way, saving you time, money, and the hassle of dealing with a blocked drain.